Graduation Day – 2018

Saturday January 27, 2018


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Everyone one day, must move on to newer things, and Time certainly comes to beckon each one, this was the day the class X and XII standard girls had to stand the call of time, to choose a new path and enter the “ABC” of the world… Leaving behind the “abc” of the school.

It was a large congregation of families and well-wishers who had come to cheer and be with the girls on their day of graduation, commemorating the day filled with all kinds of emotions, visuals, reflections and rumblings from the past.

It’s almost 6 pm and the gathering is beaming and teeming with families and girls decked up, adding to the lights and mood. The lovely little girls in blue and pink sarees just looked perfect. The entrance was well decorated, and each parent and guest was ushered in with a warm welcome. Guests to the event, moved to seats and their wards were waiting in lines to come in nearby. The chief guest was yet to arrive and you could see the school choir, getting ready to give a stupendous performance, to mark the beginning of the event. All heads turned to the left and you could see the Principal, Chief Guest and other dignitaries arriving. As they settled, the stage was now set to roll the evening in…

The occasion was presided by, The Chief Guest,  “Shri Krishna Byre Gowda”, Minister for Agriculture, State of Karnataka. The other esteemed dignitaries present were, The Bishop of Karnataka, Central Diocese – “Rt. Rev. Dr. P.K. Samuel, members of the board of management and former principals of the school.

A beautiful procession led by the graduating students marched towards the stage exhuming confidence and poise at the same time, which this great institution had imbued in them. The girls quickly organized themselves in multiple rows on both sides of the dais.

Next, The choir erupted in the air, with the school song, marked the beginning of the evening, a song being sung over a 100 years, every time at the event. Rebecca Roshni, the music captain, followed it up with the invocation song, invoking God’s presence in the ceremony.

Prayer by Rev. Satish Timothy Paul opened the evening, and the Principal Dr. Mrs. Lavanya Mithran, delivered the welcome address and introduced the chief guest to the audience.

Now was the time, for the class X and XII standard girls to share their emotions and feelings with the gathering. Ashlin Mary Cherian, the school captain, presented a vivid, in-depth account, of her life at school, and its role in shaping her personality. Her words were full of gratitude and warmth, which spoke of her appreciation for her Alma Mater.

Next in line was Anoushka Puri of standard 10th a speech well written and extremely well delivered, Anoushka’s reputation as one the best speakers in Cottons was showcased that evening through her fabulous speech, every word coming straight from the heart. She took each student down the memory lane from her first day at school to now.

“I will always remember you” was the resplendent melody that filled the air, from the left side of the stage where the choir was. They sang beautifully, making the girls and the crowd emotional. “Flashlight” was the next song to follow, making a lasting impression on every member of the audience.

Nithyashri B.S. of class XII thanked her teachers for the love and guidance and spoke lovingly about the school and its contribution to her life. Her confident, calm and collected manner made a subtle, yet powerful impact on every listener.

The cultural secretary of the Cottons Winnie Pandey took the stage amongst cheering from her batch-mates. She fondly talked about how the school had embodied the values and leadership spirit in her. She felt indebted to all people who had helped her fulfill the duties as the cultural secretary, and made her life at cotton all the more memorable.

The Chief Guest, Shri Krishna Byre Gowda, in his turn delivered the valedictory address, emphasizing the fact that women were the future of India. He re-iterated the fact that, constant perseverance and endeavor would help them realize every dream. He highlighted the theme of this years graduation that, “Success is a journey and not a destination”.

The graduating choir then gleefully sang  “Follow the Stars” left and everlasting, permanent and indelible mark in their minds.

Next was the address by the Chairman, Rt. Rev. Dr. P. K. Samuel. This was followed by the valedictorian pledge led by the Principal Dr. Mrs. Lavanya Mithran, written by Mrs. Suryakumari Denison a former English teacher.

As I stand on the brink of a new beginning,

 Bidding farewell to the School I cherish

 I promise to abide by the principles

 On which this great institution is founded.


 I shall be honest in thought, words and deed,

 Choosing integrity over mendacity.

 In a world of complacency, and compromise,

 I shall hold fast to the values and ideals

 I have imbibed, and absorbed, all my years at School,


 Swerving “neither to the right, nor to the left”

 I shall march “On, Straight On.”

 A true Cottonion all my life

 I pledge to remain.

The vote of thanks by Anoushka Deshmukh followed this, she too embellished, the fact that one’s school memories remain till the end of one’s life. She also thanked everyone at cottons who had made life her all the more beautiful.

The traditional lighting of the lamp ceremony by the Principal, class teachers and dignitaries followed. This shining beacon of strength and guidance was spread among the students, whilst the teachers sang the song “This is my prayer” as they lit their torches passing on the light, a light of significance, direction, pledge and love, to be cherished lifelong.

The evening closed with the closing prayer, by Rev. Prem Mitra and the benediction by Rt. Rev. Dr. PK Samuel.

100’s of torches lit the faces, the atmosphere with divinity, emotion, joy, and gave the girls the confidence to march ahead, undeterred, in the face of every darkness in life.

As the evening came to a close, the girls departed with a strong message to behold the values, and the message of this year’s theme. The Cottonions walked away knowing, that Life is about giving it a meaning, to follow the stars and ideals and persevere, in the face of all adversity to reach higher grounds, making yourself, parents and the school proud.