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Varsha Dilip

Varsha Dilip of Std. VII ‘D’
Was selected as Regional Tiger Ambassador in “Kids for Tigers” Regional Leadership Camp held between 27th & 29th January, 2012 at the Bandipur Tiger Reserve.
She is also a keen wildlife photographer.

Wildlife photography Wildlife photography

Stood 3rd in Drawing and Painting Competition held in Sri. Aurobindo Society of Bangalore. It was conducted in their premises on 10th August, 2011. Age group of 8 to 11 years.

Stood 2nd in Solo dance competition held by Flying shadows in Elita Promenade. Mrinali took part in the Dance Fest 2011 held on 28th August.

National Drawing and Essay Writing Competition
Kalabharti Child Art Institute conducted the competition in our School. More than four hundred entries were sent. Among them, few were awarded Gold medals in various categories.

Balakalaratna Awardees:
Drawing Competition Awards                  Class
J Riona Elizabeth                                    LKG ‘A’
Palakh TanK                                             V ‘C’
Delsha Esampally Clara                           I ‘A’
Saanvi L Dharman                                   I ‘C’
Saniya S                                                   II ‘B’
Anisha Patra                                           III ‘A’
K Sandhya                                               III ‘E’
Diya Saha                                                IV ‘A’
Surya M                                                   IV ‘C’
Koushika Birye                                       IV ‘E’

Handwriting Competition Awards
Chitra Mishra                                        I ‘C’
S Thanishka                                           II ‘A’
Johanna Mary Lukan                            IV ‘D’

Essay writing Competition Awards
K Sandhya                                            III ‘E’
B Neeharika                                        IV ‘E’

Anisha Judith ( IV ‘D’)
Represented East Parade Tamil Church and won 2nd prize in the Solo strings Competition held as part of the Inter-Sunday school talent contest. This contest was organized by the Junior Bible fellowship of the Carey Society, held on 19th November, 2011.

REETH B OSTWAL, III ‘B’Reeth Ostwal in Shakti Sunflower Oil

  1. Zella Diamonds, Calicut
  2. Shakti Sunflower Oil.
  3. Honda Jazz
  4. Kalaniketan, Chennai
  5. Revive hair products –
    Narayana Hrudalaya
  6. Muliya Jewellers – Manipal Centre, B’lore.Reeth Ostwal in Zella Diamonds

National Science Exam 2011 – 12
Location :     School Auditorium
Organizer:    Mrs. Merlin & Mrs. Kavita Tank 
14 students of Junior School made us proud by achieving national, state and district level awards.  National Science Exam 2011 – 12 conducted by Prathibha Vignana ICETC Davangere, Karnataka in the month of September.

Winners are :        Name            Std.                Rank
  • Neelam Fathima    -      4th                  National 4
  • Prithvi                    -    2nd                  National 5
  • Jyostsna Sarajam   -    3rd                  State 1
  • Anusha M.V         -        3rd                  State 1
  • Yashi Coux           -       4th                 State 2
  • Kashish Jain          -      2nd                 State 2
  • Ananya                  -      1st                  State 3
  • Sarah Manisha       -      2nd                 State 3
  • Noyanika Gosh      -      4th                 District 1
  • Karthika Chopda     -    2nd                 District 2
  • Shah Sultana          -      2nd                 District 3
  • Nishmita                -      2nd                 District 3
  • Reeth B Ostwal     -      3rd                  District 3
  • Aradhana                  -  LKG                  State 1

Handwriting and colouring Competition
Conducted by :  Students Development Society. Pune,       
Location :            Bishop Cotton Girls’ School
Winners :              Saanvi L Dharman         I C
                              Jerlin Jerusika              IV D
Colouring :            Fatin Kashifa                I B
                              Nuha Fathima               I E
                              Shah Sultana                 II C

Dance Competition
Dated :   January 13th 2012
Location :  Anepalayam Sree Ayyappa Temple
Diya Participated in Bharathanatyam and folk dance competition.  She was awarded a Golden trophy.

National Science Olympiad
Place of Event:              Bishop Cotton Girls’ School
Students of std 3rd and 4th took part in this competition and the following were awarded.

1.     Aditi Narayan        III A
2.     Anoushka Ghosh    III B
3.     Noyonika Ghosh    IV B

Kidz N Brainz – Abacus Programme
Place:  3rd September 2011
Dated: Indiranagar Centre.
Vrinda S is awarded a first Rank in Elementary Abacus Programme.

MonalMONAL PRASAD, I ‘B’, Winner of the gold medal for her art work.







Harshitha Ravoor

Harshitha Ravoor of Std. IV has taken part in various competitions and won many prizes. She has been learning dancing from UKG.

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